PhD opportunity in our lab within the @COVIPA1 @helmholtz_de consortium with great experts such as @BartenschlagLab.

Thank you @CellPress for featuring our back-to-back-to-back bacterial/chloroplast ESCRT-III studies with @thelowlab and @SachseGroup!

Also, check out this nice perspective article by @RaunaqDeo and William Prinz 🤓👍:

Benedikt Junglas, Stefan T. Huber, Thomas Heidler, Lukas Schlösser, Daniel Mann, Raoul Hennig, Mairi Clarke, Nadja Hellmann, Dirk Schneider, Carsten Sachse PspA adopts an ESCRT-III-like fold and remodels bacterial membranes Cell, 23. Juni 2021, DOI:

We were happy to show students from @HHU_de and @RWTH our institute and all the exciting equipment here #cryoEM #VitroJet #Vitrobot

And it’s been exciting to share this story with the @bengeliscious team and @SachseGroup @DSchneiderLab. Check out their awesome papers on #Vipp1 and #PspA

There is also a story to be told here about the power of @biorxivpreprint. Two preprints were posted alongside us. Each study was complementary and helped paint a grander picture. In the end, we landed back-to-back-to-back papers in the same journal. A WIN for open science!


We're thrilled to be part of this 3-part exposé on the conservation of ESCRT-III across the tree of life!

And congrats to our companion papers! @thelowlab @lab_baum @SachseGroup @DSchneiderLab

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